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October 24, 2008

I made a psuedoname for myself on other blogs and couldn’t undo it no matter what i tried because my hatred for blogs and computers was detected by this blog and computer, so sorry. I am posting under “Sams Uncle”


Ethical Issues: Digital Rights Management

October 20, 2008

Alright, well I take a pretty uncharacteristic stance on this issue, considering I’m a teenager and should be all about “Stay away from my privacy, government!” and, “leave my pirating alone!”

I find it very arrogant and pretentious to assume that the government is going to use this, “backdoor” to get into your computer; if there really is something useful to the government in there, or you are doing something illegal, more power to the government for doing their job.

While I enjoy the benefits of watching movies, film, and listening to music online, that I would have had to buy a decade back- I understand that this is unfair to those who worked on them. It doesn’t help the economy either to stream stuff online, I’m guessing things like youtube will be erradicated sometime in the future so I’m reaping the benefits right now. I say this because, the “fair-use provision of the copyright law,” is being extended too far- giving people the choice of a free online product compared to a purchase price at the store outside your home.  Of course companies are going to take precautions to protect their product, if people are angry at them they should be angry at stores that install metal detectors to prevent shoplifters. However, the issue with Sony should stop at the computer software engineer’s folly of leaving open security holes for viruses, and not giving the “uninstall” option for XCP.

Overall, the computer programmers get their karmic kick-in-the-ass because they are just that, computer programmers, and i can not imagine a hell worse than that.

I do agree, however, that it isn’t illegal, but long-term smarter for business to allow CD consumers to use the product freely, how they choose and not be confined to DRM restrictions. At this this writer notes that DRM is a “necessary evil” but thinks that Bill Gates is right in saying that people should be able to freely use the product (in this case a CD) they purchased instead of buying a CD and then having to “rip it” in order to be ethically right and legally right.

October 4, 2008

Ok so i didn’t understand the blogging assignment until now- here we go:

The PacMan game i was talking about can be accessed at this website. I’m assuming with our limited experience on Squeaker, we wouldn’t be able to fully recreate the game, we could possibly adjust it something within our capabilities. There will be a start point (x,y coordinates) and a return point (the same x,y coordinates) but the game will end when all obstacles are…well, eaten. This can be determined when the scoreboard reaches a number that accords with all of the possible points being earned. We could do multiple simple levels, or 1 solidly defined level.

I will use the ellipse object in the supplies box, its ideal because it looks like pac man. We can make its heading be determined by our control by making it controlled by a steering wheel- just like our first day with Squeaker driving homemade cars. Then we will put little dots that when contacted with the color of the ellipse they disappear and register on the scoreboard. We will also have other ellipses of differing colors bouncing off walls or other obstacles that, when contacted with the yellow ellipse controlled by the player, stop the turn, restart the game and the ellipse returns to the center with 0 points. If all points are collected, a script saying “Player 1 Wins” will appear and maybe a new level will appear.

Request for Info lab

October 2, 2008

I’d like to do Pac-Man

i guess we need 4 ghosts (inky, blinky, pinky, and someone)

and borders

and dots to eat… etc.